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На основе движка GameMaker было создано множество инди-игр, впоследствии ставших хитами. Вот некоторые из них:
Undertale, Hotline Miami и Hyper Light Drifter 

“I’m impressed with how well GameMaker scales when you start out - from knowing nothing to getting familiar with it. [...] I still like GameMaker today, as a full time developer, just because it has all the tools I need to make the games.”

Greg Lobanov (Chicory: A Colorful Tale)

“It's easy to pick up and start learning. With GameMaker, making games is not only simple, but also fun.”

Gabriel Gonçalves (Gagonfe)

“GameMaker's systems were easy enough to approach as a novice and are now so second-nature to me that I'm comfortable tackling larger-scale problems that I wouldn't have dreamt of four years ago.”

Carl Pilon (Orange Pylon Games)

“Using GameMaker's in-built tools let me understand the role they play in game development and gave me the foundations I needed to go on to recreate any of them for myself in larger contexts. It was the perfect stepping stone for me to go from knowing nothing to feeling like I am an experienced games programmer.”

Gabe Weiner (lazyeye)

“GameMaker basically taught me how to make games.”

Carlos Azuaga (CZAzuaga)

“Everything I know about programming I learned thanks to GameMaker. It was my very first coding experience and I'm glad I stuck with it. The GameMaker community is also vast and there's tons of content in forums and tutorials, which made the learning process a lot less scary.”

Matias Schmied (maitan69)

“Honestly, without GameMaker, I probably wouldn't even have gotten to the hobby stage of game development. It gave me an approachable way to get into game dev and realise my ideas, that I otherwise couldn't have.”

Benjamin Kiefer (BenStar)

“GML is a lot easier to learn than other programming languages.”


Функции GameMaker

GameMaker — это комплексный инструмент для создания 2D-игр, который используют индивидуальные разработчики, профессиональные студии и преподаватели по всему миру. Создавай игры для Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, HTML5, Xbox, PlayStation и Nintendo Switch.
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