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We know some developers in our community just want to master one version of GameMaker without having to worry about new features disrupting their workflow. That’s where the Long Term Stable (LTS) build comes in.

The LTS version won’t receive new feature updates like other versions of GameMaker during its two-year lifecycle. Instead, the LTS will only be updated to address critical bugs, security issues, or critical updates.

This version may be of particular use to Console Developers who want a consistent feature set and Schools who have a curriculum that would otherwise need to be altered to accommodate newly created features. 

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With the BETA version of GameMaker, you’ll receive bug fixes and new features sooner than those on the monthly release of GameMaker. You’re also more likely to encounter new bugs on the BETA version, which you can report to us to help improve the engine.

The BETA version can be downloaded separately to other versions of GameMaker, which means you can have the current monthly build installed alongside the BETA version if you’d prefer.

Since BETA versions can contain bugs or format changes that can corrupt or lock your project files, we highly recommend backing up your projects before opening them on BETA.

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Version 1.4 is a release that no longer receives updates from the GameMaker team and it is no longer available to purchase. We haven’t released an update for Version 1.4 since 2018, so we’d recommend downloading the most recent version of GameMaker.

Find out more in our GameMaker: Studio 1.4 article

Download GameMaker: Studio 1.4 

Here’s a small breakdown of the different versions of GameMaker and their key benefits: 

Regular monthly build (available via ‘Download for Windows/Mac’ buttons): For those looking to download the most recent version of GameMaker who would like to receive regular software updates

Long Term Support (LTS) build: For those looking to master one version of GameMaker without new feature updates disrupting their workflow

BETA version: For those looking to receive the latest GameMaker updates early. Your feedback will help shape the future of the GameMaker engine

GameMaker: Studio 1.4: For those who have previously used Version 1.4 and want to continue using a legacy version

Yes - all versions of GameMaker are completely free to download. You’ll only need to upgrade to a paid GameMaker package if you’d like to export your games to certain platforms.

For more information, check out our Pricing page and our comprehensive GameMaker exports article.